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YAB growth cycle

The OHIO Youth Advisory Board is currently working to design a toolkit to support county and regional Youth Advisory Boards. The ultimate vision of the OHIO Youth Advisory Board is for young people in each of Ohio’s 88 counties to have opportunities to have a voice. We printed and made copies available to participants during our July 2019 statewide quarterly meeting.

Leadership skill development assists young people in and from foster care in preparing for their future, and increases the likelihood of positive outcomes post-emancipation.

Table of Contents  ~ DRAFT   
*With sample tools from the OHIO Youth Advisory Board

A.) Board Structure:    
1.) Sample Youth Leadership Retreat Schedule
2.) YAB Membership Requirements
3.) Constitution: Name, Mission and Vision of Board
4.) Membership Form
5.) Strategic Plan, and Action Steps
6.) Code of Conduct, including an Internet Policy
7.) Officer Roles and Responsibilities
8.) Officer Elections Ballot
9.) Protocol for Requests to Present at a YAB meeting
10.) Protocol for Youth Panel Requests
11.) Stipend Program
12.) YAB Funding FAQs

B.) Role of Adult Supporters:  
1.) Youth Serving Vs Empowering
2.) Engaging Foster Youth and Alumni
3.) Coaching and Mentoring Activity
4.) Growth Cycle of Youth Advisory Boards
5.) Sample Excuse Letter for youth to participate in leadership activities
6.) Helping overcome transportation barriers (this is a topic for discussion during the April 2019 meeting)
7.) Preparing Youth Before Events, and Debriefing Afterwards (we are working to map out what this looks like for our adult supporters)
8.) Role of Adult Supporters During Statewide Meetings
9.) Supporting Leadership Growth and Development of  Youth
10.) Sample DC Training Packet

C.) Officer Training and Development:        
1.) Officer in Training Application
2.) Professionalism: Understanding of the importance of their position
3.) OHIO YAB Icebreaker Balls
4.) Strategic Sharing
5.) Conflict Resolution Skills Activity
6.) Professional Development Plan for Youth
7.) Leadership Styles Activity
8.) Communication Exercise
10.) Public Speaking Practice
11.) 2020 Circle Diagram
12.) How to Map out a Meeting Agenda
13.) How to Run a Meeting
14.) Sample Resume

*Understanding Chain of Command
*Future goal: Mapping out specific training tracks for Officers

D.) Outreach Strategies:   
1.) Meeting Schedule
2.) Seeking out teens and young adults who might be interested
3.) Outreach to group homes
4.) Reaching out to Agency Directors to get their support

E.) Youth Empowerment by Staying Informed
1.) Learning about different agencies and how they work (including acronyms)
2.) Information about new Laws and regulations that may affect youth in care
3.) How to contact your State and Federal Representative
4.) Knowing about existing resources, such as the Foster Youth Rights Handbook

F.) Providing Peer Support for Other Youth
1.) Breaking down the Do’s and Don’t’s about Being in Care
2.) How to Navigate the System, including chain of command
3.) Life Skills
4.) Contacts: Who to Call
5.) Resources (Housing, Job, Higher Ed)

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