Life Skills: Essential Elements of Interdependence – A Learning Pathway for Resource Families was created by the Ohio University Consortium for Child and Adult Services (OUCCAS), in collaboration with the Overcoming Hurdles in Ohio Youth Advisory Board (OHIO YAB) and ACTION Ohio.

Courses and activities within this professional development pathway will help foster parents and kinship caregivers gain necessary knowledge and skills to assist youth skill development, which will promote a successful transition to interdependence.

Youth voice has been, and remains, key in the creation and continued development of the Life Skills Pathway. ACTION Ohio is facilitating the voices of youth in the following areas:

Youth-approved workshops within this pathway include:

  • Adolescents in Foster Care and Emotional Resiliency ~ led by Amanda Davis
  • Financial Preparation and Support for Foster Youth ~ led by Cece Norwood and Michael Outrich
  • Getting Teens Ready for the World of Work ~ led by Anthony President
  • Housing Resources for Former Foster Youth ~ led by Cece Norwood and Michael Outrich
  • Resources and Partnership Building to Improve Post-Secondary Outcomes for Foster Youth ~ led by Cece Norwood and Michael Outrich
  • Tools for Takeoff: Independent Living Transition Planning ~ led by Brian and Kathy Lowery
  • Vital Records Access for Youth Transitioning Out of Care ~ led by Amanda Davis and Jill Roberts

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