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Alumni of Care Together Improving Outcomes Now Ohio (ACTION Ohio) is dedicated to improving outcomes for current and former foster care youth.

We bring together the voices of youth, alumni and allies to create lasting change and generate hope for current and former foster youth, based on access to resources, ally support and alumni expertise.

Our membership is primarily comprised of former foster youth, ages 18+.

*Child welfare professionals with a long-term history of experience in supporting the needs of foster youth and advocating for additional supports for current and former foster youth are invited to join ACTION Ohio on a case-by-case basis.

We are actively involved in state and national advocacy.

Our initiatives include: Thanksgiving Together, Three Days on the Hill, and facilitating the statewide youth advisory board.


ACTION Ohio Officers

Jamole Callahan | Director of Training and Development
Doris Edelmann | Legislation Chair
Lisa Dickson | Communications Chair
Cloe Cooper | Housing Liaison
Juliana Barton | Governmental Liaison
Nikki Chinn | Residential Liaison
Deanna Jones | Diversity, Engagement and Inclusion Specialist
Amber Dudsak| Youth Voice in Court Liaison
Jasmine Hardy| Sibling Connections Initiative

Partner Organizations

ACTION Ohio is honored to partner with many local, statewide and national organizations, both public and private.

We often receive questions about donations:
Donations can be sent to our fiscal agent (address below) or made online by visiting this link, and choosing ACTION Ohio.

Ohio Children’s Alliance
Attn: ACTION Ohio
2600 Corporate Exchange Drive, Suite 180
Columbus OH 43231

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