For former foster youth, being the parent that you never had can be overwhelming. In the state of Ohio, there are some former foster youth who have lost custody of their children. What can you do if this happens to you?

1.) Start by talking to your caseworker, and asking them about your case plan. You can also reach out to their supervisor to share any unanswered questions or concerns.

2.) Stay in touch with your attorney. The court makes the final decisions on reunification. What advice does your attorney have to offer? When is your next court date? Are there any court orders related to your case?

3.) Reach out to the caseworker or their supervisor to request a Family Team Meeting. This is different from a Case Review. It is a meeting where all of the key parties meet to talk about the case. It can happen at any time and is facilitated by a neutral party. Everyone walks away with the same information and a plan of action.

The Ohio Supreme Court has created a guide for parents that outlines the court process of child removal. You can also reach out to the child welfare agency asking for a Client Rights Booklet.

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