Ohio Car Purchasing Program

Ohio is helping ETV recipients buy their first car. This funding is to help those who do not own a car and rely on public transportation or friends to get to school and work; it is intended to help students navigate their responsibilities and achieve their personal, academic, and career goals. Here is a link to apply.

  • Eligible students must be OH ETV recipients currently enrolled in a postsecondary program
  • The program is time-limited and will assist students with purchasing their first car between February 1 – September 30, 2022
  • Funding is limited; financial assistance is offered on a first-come, first-served basis
  • This funding can be used to help with the purchase of a car, and also for routine maintenance and ongoing insurance costs

In the words of one foster care alumni, “This is incredible. As a person whose first car had no air conditioning, windows that didn’t close, and a heating system made of blankets, because I needed be able to drive in order to earn my education degree, helping younger brothers and sisters be able to access this resource makes my heart happy.”

Driver’s Education and License

The OHIO YAB is currently working with Senator Fedor’s office and with PCSAO to reduce barriers so that more current and former foster youth can complete driver’s education and obtain a driver’s license.

Testimonials are welcome. Please contact lisa@fosteractionohio.org

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