Three Days On the Hill


This annual trip is designed to provide foster care youth and alumni with opportunities to further their leadership development.

After participating in DC-based training and preparation, participants share their expertise and insights to educate for positive change.

Through various meetings with state and federal legislators, participants learn about our nation’s policy and legislative processes and how these processes impact issues that affect them.

  • Sunday: Travel to DC and evening team-building activities
  • Monday: Training Day and meeting with HUD
  • Tuesday: Hill Visits
  • Wednesday: Hill Visits
  • Thursday: Sightseeing and journey home

It is because of these annual trips that Ohio foster care youth were able to write, and successfully pass, federal law. We weren’t able to facilitate a DC trip in 2021 due to COVID, and our 2022 efforts are focused on working with HUD to seek to include foster care youth and alumni voices in implementing the bill that they wrote and passed: the Fostering Stable Housing Opportunities Act (FSHO).

Learn more about our previous trips:
Here is a list of DC Participants from 2013-current.


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