Ohio foster care youth, alumni and allies are currently working to organize this information on our Resource page in a way that easier to navigate… Please stay tuned!

Our goal is for youth throughout Ohio to know their rights, and to be better informed of local and statewide resources to support and prepare them during their transition from foster care to adulthood.

Franklin County Resources for Former Foster Youth

Statewide Resources for Foster Youth (updated March 2020)

Statewide Resources Grid (tool for Bridges implementation)

Certificate Program Funds for Ohio Foster Care Youth and Alumni

OHIO YAB Foster Youth Rights Handbook (updated January 2019)

Independent Living Roadmap and Toolkit (draft created by Michael Outrich)

Mind Matters Publication

Food Stamps for College Students

Central Ohio Resources for Foster Youth (updated March 2020)

Cleveland Resources for Foster Youth (updated April 2020)

Cincinnati Resources for Foster Youth (coming soon)

Franklin County Resource Guide, 2021

General Resources In Franklin County

The Empowerment Dynamic (TED)


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