2017 Thanksgiving Together

Four Thanksgiving events were held in 2017.

2017 NE Thanksgiving (1)

  • The 2017 Northeast Thanksgiving took place in Cleveland on November 4th: (link to more photos) This event was held at Saint Ignatius High School. Sponsors included: St. Ignatius High School, Cuyahoga County Children and Family Services, Junior League of Greater Cleveland, National Council of Jewish Women, Cleveland Section, Fill This House, Adoption Network Cleveland, Open Table, and Bessie’s Angels.

    2017 SW Thanksgiving (1)

  • The 2017 Southwest Thanksgiving took place in Cincinnati on November 11th: (link to more photos) This event was held at The Peoples Church. Sponsors included: The Peoples Church, Opportunities Knocking TLP, Easley Blessed Photography, Montgomery County JFS, Kroger, SWOFCA, and Safe Pastures Transitional Living.

    2017 SE Dinner (1)

  • The 2017 Southeast Thanksgiving took place in Athens on November 12th: (link to more photos) This event was held at the Grover Center at Ohio University. Sponsors included: Kiser’s BBQ, Ohio University, Athens County CASA, Athens County Foster Parent Association, Athens County Children Services, Fairfield County Children Services, and My Very Own Blanket.

    2017 Central (1)

  • The 2017 Central Thanksgiving took place in Columbus on November 19th: (link to more photos) This event was held at the eStem Academy, which is part of Reynoldsburg City School’s Summit Campus. Sponsors included: Stonybrook United Methodist Church, E-merge Real Estate, Reynoldsburg City Schools, including the Leo Club, National Council of Jewish Women: Columbus Section, Junior League of Central Ohio, Kay’s Catering, Starfish Alliance, United Methodist Children’s Home, Half Price Books, Dave Thomas Foundation, My Very Own Blanket, and Alina Walker, CASA.

*Lucas County also held a local event for their foster parents and youth.

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