2011 Thanksgiving Together

 Three Thanksgiving events were held in 2011:

2011 SW Thanksgiving

  • The 2011 Southwest Thanksgiving took place in Dayton on November 19th: (link to more photos) This event was held at New Family Tree. Sponsors included: Jerri’s Catering and Family Restaurant, Majestic Nursery, Salem Student Ministry, Wendy’s Wonderful Kids, Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, Meet Me Halfway Fund of the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee and Val Bairnsfather.
2011 NE Thanksgiving
  • The 2011 Northeast Thanksgiving took place in Cleveland on November 19th: (link to more photos) The event was held at Antioch Baptist Church. Sponsors included: Cuyahoga County Children and Family Services, National Council of Jewish Woman: Cleveland Section, Antioch Baptist Church, Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, Adoption Network Cleveland and Village Network. Representative Bill Patmon, Sandra Holt, and Chief Administrator for Cuyahoga County Children and Family Services Pat Rideout were in attendance. The event was featured in the Cleveland Plain Dealer.
2011 Central Thanksgiving
  • The 2011 Central Thanksgiving took place in Columbus on November 20th: (link to more photos) The event was held at Capital University. Bethany Koshinsky served as Lead Facilitator. Sponsors included: Capital University President Bowman’s Office, Capital University ROTC Crusader Battalion, Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, Kappa Sigma Upsilon, Village Network, Capital University student organizations and Campus Ministries and the Koshinsky family. Many thanks to Angela Sattler for her article about this event, as published by Capital University’s campus newspaper, Chimes.



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