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TANF Summer Jobs

Ohio is planning to end funding for the summer youth employment program, and replace it with a year-round Comprehensive Case Management and Employment Plan.

Beginning July 1, 2016, CCMEP will become the statewide operational framework for employment services for all of Ohio’s 88 counties.

Foster care youth, alumni and allies welcome future conversations about this transition. Our initial concerns are as follows:

1.) Summer employment is a better fit for many foster and at-risk youth than year-round programming. 

Foster youth juggle many things during the school year, including visitation with bio parents, counseling, extra-curricular activities, and barriers to transportation. This makes summer employment programs a better fit for their needs.

2.) Another requirement of the new model is that youth won’t be eligible for services until age 16. 

What does this mean for foster care teens ages 14-15 who have historically benefitted from summer work experience?   Research demonstrates that early employment exposure for foster care youth is incredibly important when it comes to working to improve their lifelong outcomes.

3.) The fact that this new model only provides year-round programming by its nature means that it is targeted primarily to out-of-school youth.

What does this mean for youth 16+ who want to stay in school and pursue their education?This has the potential to discourage high school  graduation.

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