Maintain Sibling Connections

jasmine sibling

The importance of maintaining sibling connections remains a heartfelt, vitally important, and ever-present priority for Ohio foster care youth, alumni and adoptees.

2020 Testimonials from Current and Former Foster Youth:

  • Jasmine Hardy’s video testimony compares sibling separation with the pains that people are currently feeling due to social distancing.
  • Jasmine Hardy’s  written testimony explains how being separated from siblings feels like a punishment for foster youth.
  • Stevie Hayslip’s written testimony demonstrates the loss and pain of prolonged sibling separation.

We are currently working to identify champions and allies with the Ohio legislature. We will continue to review research on sibling issues in foster care and adoption, and sibling legislation from other states.

Sibling draft

When previous legislation was proposed to address this issue, foster care youth and alumni fully endorsed this effort:





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